Vidya Shree

What do you do in your daily job?

I am responsible for ensuring that the production flow on the assembly lines is correct. I receive orders from the sales department and I go through the way each road machine or excavator that has been ordered is to be equipped. I then turn this information into a production order.

There are many options for each machine. Most of my orders match the machines that eventually leave the assembly line, but some specified components are sometimes missing temporarily and I then have to confer with the foreman and re-direct the flow.  

At the end of the working day, I collect reports on the results, the machines that were completed and how they were equipped.

I also participated in a project designed to improve the quality of the way we pack and transport our finished products. It lasted for six months and we have now achieved some really good results and have formulated clear-cut instructions for the work in both words and pictures. 

In this context, my age was a challenge. Most of the people I had to teach new things were older than me and had been with the company for much longer, but, after a running-in period, everyone stopped thinking about that aspect and we worked very well together to realise the same targets.  

I am actually a chemical engineer, but I have always been curious about the way a manufacturing industry functions, so I feel that I am definitely in the right place.

Vidya Shree
Name: Vidya Shree
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment
Position: Production control engineer
Location: Bangalore