Ida Levenstam

What is your current position in the Volvo Group?
I am a Global Sourcing Buyer for gear shifting parts for our transmissions.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
I was trained in Sweden as a buyer, but within the textile industry. However, since there were no jobs available I applied to the Volvo Group. One of the main reasons was that I recognized the potential to work with and in Japan. I studied a while in Hawaii, which is a popular holiday destination for Japanese people. I became fascinated by their culture.

How has your career been this far?
I started working at the Volvo Group in 2007, providing support to the international purchasing department and was able to work with Japan, Russia and Turkey and was later given the opportunity to move to Japan and work there, eventually as buyer of various types of pipes. I then got the chance to relocate to another country in which I was interested, France, where my initial function was within casting and then I become a sourcing buyer for sheet metal for European trucks. However, I wanted to broaden my field and am now a Global Buyer for gear shifting parts.

Do you get any professional or personal coaching from the Volvo Group?
I had a mentor early in my career but after that my colleagues and managers served as a continuous source of knowledge. One of the good aspects of the Volvo Group is that everyone is eager to share their knowledge. Today, I have so much experience that I am able to share with new employees, which I enjoy. 

Have you been involved in any global projects in the Volvo Group?
For most of my career, I have worked with colleagues throughout the world. During my sojourn in Japan, I worked with the new Asian truck, which was recently launched. We needed to find new suppliers in China, India, Thailand and other Asian countries and simultaneously maintain contact with product developers in both Asia and Europe.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer to a friend, what would you put forward?
Naturally, the fact that it is a global company that offers major opportunities to work in different countries and with various assignments. But, also that it is a humane company that respects its employees and shows consideration for the various cultures that we represent.

Ida Levenstam
Name: Ida Levenstam
Organization: Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Position:  Sourcing Buyer, Gear shifting parts
Location: Lyon, France

How would you describe your, so far, best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
The best was the opportunity to work in different countries, but also being able to learn so much. I learned something new every day and I have developed as a person over the years.

What do you do when off work?
I like to snowboard and the advantage of living in Lyon is that the Alps are only a couple of hours away. I also enjoy the food and wine here. I am still interested in textiles and fashion and it is not far to Paris or Milan. In addition, I make silver jewelry. 

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I know that I will be returning to Sweden and working there in about a year. After that, I would like to return to Asia; working in China seems exciting. I would also like to work as a Group Manager in the future. I like to coach and motivate other people.