Ricardo Aramburo

What is your current position in the Volvo Group?
I’m a Project Manager in Supplier Quality, which means I manage the project activities run by the supplier quality team. My main tasks are to provide the supplier quality information to the project management team and to oversee the accomplishment of my teams tasks.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
I was born in Curitiba and graduated as an Electrical Engineer. I started working for an automotive parts manufacturer and, after 3 years, I had the opportunity to move to Volvo as a Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE). Volvo is one of the largest companies in Curitiba and has been ranked within the five best companies to work for in Brazil for several years. It felt like a great chance to develop myself and to have new challenges.

How has your career been this far?
It has been great.  After starting as an SQE in 2008, working with some simpler parts, I got the chance to work with more complex assemblies and suppliers. In 2010 I had the chance to start working with projects and, finally, in 2012 I became Project Manager. I also had the opportunity to work in Sweden for three months in a short-term assignment. This experience was very interesting. I have been part of small and big projects, local and global, and have been in contact with people from several different countries and cultures.

Do you get any professional or personal coaching from the Volvo Group?
Every employee has a Personal Business Plan, done annually with the manager, in which the targets for the coming year are established, in terms of results and of personal development. My manager has supported me in getting development opportunities and in tackling new challenging tasks. Volvo also has several training sessions available for which one can enroll and participate to learn new things.

Have you been involved in any global projects in the Volvo Group?
Yes, all the time. I have worked with suppliers in Brazil, quality assuring parts to be shipped to Volvo plants all over the world. I have also worked with suppliers located abroad that need to ship parts to the plant in Brazil. As a Project Manager, I’m part of a global team that controls projects in supplier quality, in Asia, Europe and Americas.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer to a friend, what would you put forward?
If you want to be part of a big and multicultural company that has the respect for the people as a reality, Volvo is the place to go. You can learn all the time and seek out development opportunities. What else is there to say about a company ranked within the five best to work for in the country?
Ricardo Aramburo
Name: Ricardo Aramburo
Organization: Purchasing, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Position: Project Manager Supplier Quality
Location: Curitiba, Brazil

How would you describe your, so far, best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
Being part of Americas Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) Management Team has given me the opportunity to contribute to the excellence of the work done in our region and to have a view of the challenges that the SQA managers have in leading their teams.

What do you do when off work?
I play volleyball in the sports facilities that Volvo has beside the plant for the employees. We have a team that competes state wide with other companies.  It is very exciting. I also spend a lot of time with my family, especially playing with my two sons.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I’m sure I will continue to have opportunities to work globally, contributing to the company and to my colleagues, sharing my knowledge and learning more. I plan to develop my people management skills so that I can get a management position when an opportunity comes. My goal is to increase my understanding of the company business, to be able to add more value.