Our responsibility

Our responsibility

We are committed to doing business in a responsible way. This means that we place great emphasis on environmental care, business ethics, human rights and social issues.

This is why we support and protect human rights wherever we can within our sphere of influence. This is also why respect for the individual is fundamental within our organization.

In line with this, we have a long tradition of corporate citizenship. We work together with global organizations, universities and local authorities to support a sustainable development of society. We also encourage local initiatives, sponsorship and volunteer activities in our communities.

Things that really matter
As an employee of  the Volvo Group, you are given the opportunity to work with things that really matter. We are at the forefront of new technologies and services developing sustainable transport solutions and taking part in important CSR initiatives.

Initiatives that span from the development of the world’s first carbon dioxide neutral automotive factory, promoting traffic safety and partnering with World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Climate Savers Program, to institutionalizing of the Volvo Environmental Price and a great number of sponsorships dedicated to the environment and society.

Maximizing our contribution
Part of our corporate social responsibility as a provider of commercial transport solutions is also to continuously strive to develop vehicles that put less strain on the environment – and fund research on new technology in this area. All this is done to maximize our contribution to a sustainable development.

Together we shape another future.