Internship - in Sweden

As an important step in the process of long-term recruitment, Volvo Group offers annually a number of internships that can be linked closely to education that is important for the Group's future manpower requirements.

Some companies in the group also work in collaboration with various schools to offer internships during the school terms. The idea is that the practical experience will complement the student’s theoretical education.

How to apply for an internship
Each company within the Volvo Group is individually responsible for the provision, appointment and supervision of all internships.

If there is no existing collaboration between your school and the Volvo Group and you would like to do an internship during term time, please visit our recruitment tool to find available internship positions.

The following information applies only to internship in Sweden.

Before you apply:
• Visit our website, "About us", and learn more about our different Business Areas and Business Units to find out which company is best suited to your profile.
Note that since 1999 Volvo Car Corporation is owned by another company and is no longer a part of Volvo Group.

• Consider in which area you would most like to gain work experience. Examples of areas can be product development, production, administration, finance, HR, IT, purchasing, etc.

Once you've decided in which company and area you wish to carry out your work experience, please apply to any potential ad of interest to you.

Internships abroad (Applicable to students studying in Sweden)

France & USA - All internships are advertised on Volvo Group’s Homepage. Go directly to the recruitment tool.

Other countries - Contact the HR department at the foreign Volvo Company directly, with your request regarding internship. Call Volvo switchboard (+46 31 66 60 00) and ask the operator to connect you to the HR department of the selected company for further assistance/information. At this point it is important that you know which country and company you would like to come in contact with.. Find out where we are situated in the world.

Contracts and compensation
An agreement between the Volvo Company and the student must be drawn up and signed before the internship begins.

If the student is entitled to compensation from CSN, the student will only receive compensation from Volvo for lunch expenses for the days the student works. If the student is not entitled to compensation from CSN the compensation follows the frameworks that have been negotiated for trainees. The same applies to foreign students who do an internship in Sweden.

International trainees
The procedures that are described above also apply for international trainees within the Volvo Group. In addition to this information, there are two organizations that work with Volvo which can help in the recruitment of international trainees. These are and AIESEC.”