Tamba in Sweden

Tell us how you came to apply for an internship within the Volvo Group?
As a student from the University of Sierra Leone having successfully completed a Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, I applied for this job training through The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). An interview was conducted for all applicants at there local office in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and I successfully ranked as best for the offer from the department of Software Tools and Process – Volvo Trucks. After which, my documents were sent to the department for approval.

In which country/organization/entity are you situated?
Sweden/Volvo Trucks/Global Manufacturing Engineering/Global Methods and Systems/Software Tools & Process

Tell us about your role and major assignments
My role as a trainee is to prepare Process documentation for the handling of tools involved in the Embedded Software Order to Delivery (OtD) process

How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? (I.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group?)
Since I have been here for merely three weeks, my view maybe limited for now. But from what I have seen so far could be described as:

  • Interaction between coworkers seems to be very great indeed. This is strengthened by them having a culture called ‘FIKA’. FIKA is a get-together during which we share food and/or coffee with members of the department. This mostly takes place every working day on a small scale, and there is a grand FIKA on Fridays. For Friday FIKA, one member of the department is tasked with the responsibility of preparing food for every one.
  • The working policy called ‘flex time’ is another good thing as well. Every worker is required to work for 40 hours per week, but the flex time gives you the chance to do it at liberty. 
  • Being able to work independently is also part of the culture here, as most of the time you will have to work alone when given a specific task. It’s quite a unique discipline, which will help manage your working skills.
  • Team work is another thing that I observed too. Sometimes, I see that members of the department are having discussions on work related issues. So there is always a positive attitude to work, as unclear things can always be explained by colleagues, if you do ask.
  • Etc, etc, depending on my experience in time to come.
Tamba in Sweden

Based on your own experience, why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group Company?
This too is limited to the length of time that I been here so far, three weeks. And would largely depend as well on what the individuals’ values are in terms of working condition etc. However, here are some good reasons for considering working for Volvo Group:

  • The team working spirit which is strengthened by the culture of ‘FIKA’.
  • The ‘Flex time’, this allows you to attend to other function at some time of the day.
  • Obviously, the health of the workers is also an important thing to the Volvo Group and this is ensured by having sports centers in place.
  • You will always feel part of the system, as most of the Swedish colleagues in the department care to know how you feel about Sweden. This will largely depend on your disposition towards them as well.
  • For pay, I am sure you will be well paid too. My view on this is limited too, since I am paid at the same rate as other IAESTE trainees here in Gothenburg.
  • Etc, etc, depending on my experience in time to come.