The purpose of credit ratings is to rank the capability of a company to repay loans - short term and long term - at the time of the maturity of the loan.

The Group's goal is to maintain good credit ratings as a base for favourable financing of certain operations through loans and AB Volvo (publ) has business agreements with two global rating agencies;


Volvo Group ratings (each agency has its own nomenclature)


Moody's Investor Services and S&P (Standard and Poor's) and national agencies (due to local regulations); DBRS (Dominion Bond Rating Services) in Canada and R&I (Rating & Investment Information) in Japan.
 Rating Agency  Short term  Long term
 Moody's (global)  P-2  Baa2 stable
 S&P (global)  A-2  BBB, stable
 DBRS (Canada)  BBB (high)
 R&I (Japan)  a-1   A, stable