Logistics and performance management

Logistics & Performance management

Successful performance management is based on an understanding of entire production processes. By building sustainable supply systems and creating maintenance methods that are based on intelligent predictive solutions, many expensive problems, such as disrupted assembly orders and delayed deliveries, can be avoided. That is why Volvo Group works with both automation and linking processes of major information systems.

Predictive maintenance
Using intelligent sensor technology machines can send regular information on their status, regarding for example maintenance, instead of simple error messages. This technology makes it easier to be proactive and creates increased system stability, since servicing can be performed more easily during scheduled downtime.
Manufacturing execution systems
Improved information flow leads to better deliveries. By using for example new mobile technology it is easy to share filmed information with new employees, making the learning process faster, better and more fulfilling.

Inbound logistics & material supply systems
Logistics and transportation systems can be enhanced by using simulations and smart tagging with AUTO-ID. In the near future Volvo Group will not only use ID-tags that send information on positioning, but also tags that can communicate with each other. An example of an application is a package that can communicate with the truck’s ID and make sure that their destinations correspond. Such information systems will greatly improve the ability to control complex logistical systems and secure for example inbound supplies.