Step into the virtual factory

Step into the virtual factory

Imagine you could visit a factory and evaluate flow, how the robots move and what risks and stress the people in the plant are exposed to, before the plant is even built. By 2020 all major Volvo Group plants will be virtually tested before any major changes are done in the real world. 

Virtual validation
To meet the future demands on quality there has to be continuous improvements. Such constant modifications of the production process means there is a need for validation before making the actual changes. That is why Volvo Group has developed tools for virtual factories, with the goal of never introducing anything into a plant unless validated in a simulator.

Higher quality and a better workplace
With virtual plants it becomes possible to make models of the entire production, not just flow. Robotic movements and actual software can be optimised, as well as the ergonomics of the workplaces and 
even the energy use. This results in more efficient high quality plants and workplaces that are healthier, safer and more comfortable. 

Virtual reality
These virtual tools also open up for new ways of communicating plans, solutions and problems; giving all involved a common view of what to expect. With virtual reality, you can also step into the plant and see how real people behave in that environment.

Future complex simulations
By 2020 it will be possible to simulate complete production systems, with all aspects and constraints taken into account. Decision makers can run several thousands of simulations of different concepts before actually deciding on one way forward.

By using virtual factories a company such as Volvo Group can optimise production plants creating a sustainable, competitive and healthy workplace.