Reducing fuel consumption

The engineers developing Volvo Construction Equipment's E-series wheel loaders adopted a holistic view in order to optimize fuel efficiency: every machine component was carefully designed as an integral part of the overall system.

The result? Outstanding fuel efficiency. And the Volvo Technology Award 2004.

Meeting contradictory demands
Higher productivity and lower fuel consumption are constant, yet frequently contradictory, goals for product developers.

This was recognized by the E-series developers, who adopted a vision which extended beyond their own disciplines.

Lower energy losses
The result was a series of easy-to-operate and efficient machines operating at lower engine revs with lower energy losses. The means employed by the team to achieve these results included:

  • Efficient diesel engines developing high torque at lower engine revs, with an operating speed within the range corresponding to maximum engine efficiency.
  • Power trains with optimized characteristics in terms of torque converters, transmissions and axles. .
 Volvo Technology Award 2004.


  • Load-sensing hydraulics, affording low losses and enabling high flows to be utilized at low revs.
  • Load units optimized for each individual machine.
  • Electronics and software controlling every component as part of the overall machine system.

Award winners at Volvo Construction Equipment:

  • Joakim Unnebäck
  • Tore Oscarsson
  • Bo Vigholm 
  • Reno Filla
  • Sven-Åke Carlsson