A revolutionary hybrid concept

When the Volvo Group's unique hybrid solution was unveiled, it received considerable attention. No wonder, since it was completely different from anything that the heavy vehicle market had seen to date.

A common concept
Not only did the hybrid powertrain deliver unrivalled power and energy levels compared to our competitors' hybrids. The I-SAM concept (Integrated Starter Alternator Motor) also featured the level of standardization needed to enable hybrid technology to have a significant commercial impact on the market for heavy vehicles.

Complete powertrain integration
Another difference between the Volvo Group's solution and those presented by our competitors is the level of powertrain integration. Instead of buying complete systems from suppliers, our strategy is to fully integrate the hybrid components and develop vehicle control software in-house.

This creates considerable advantages in terms of powertrain performance and vehicle energy management.

Innovative and dedicated engineers
The I-SAM concept is a truly revolutionary technology for the entire Volvo Group. This revolution is a result of innovative and dedicated efforts from a large number of engineers throughout the Volvo Group. They are represented by the team receiving the 2009 Volvo Technology Award. 

I-SAM delivers high torque…
The Volvo Group's hybrid powertrain consists of a diesel engine, an automatic gearbox and the I-SAM system. I-SAM is a permanent magnet motor running on alternating current. The vehicle's braking energy is converted into electricity and stored in the onboard batteries.

Image text: Technology Award 2009



The substantial torque of the electric motor offers good performance at low speeds and supplements the diesel engine at higher speeds.

…and saves fuel
I-SAM enables substantial fuel savings. For example, city buses can, under optimum conditions, cut fuel consumption by 30%.

In addition, emissions, noise and brake wear are reduced, while driveability is enhanced.

Award winners:

  • Anders Kroon, Volvo Powertrain
  • Joakim Lindström, Lars Carlhammar and Jerker Lennevi, Volvo Technology
  • Peter Jönsson, Volvo Buses
  • Christer Ehn, Volvo 3P