Moving society forward

Volvo Group - moving society forward

From Sweden to China, from Brazil to South Africa, the Volvo Group takes an active role in society. We support a wide range of activities and projects which are important to our employees, our partners and our neighbours.

Our engagement with society takes many forms. We encourage and reward groundbreaking research on pressing environmental issues; we contribute to schools for disadvantaged children in the developing world; we help build homes for the homeless; and we support the development of cutting-edge solutions for the transport systems of the future.

Most of these activities are initiated by Volvo Group employees around the world, who understand their communities and their needs. The projects that we support contribute to the development of these societies and fit with our culture and the values that are important to us – environmental care, safety, community and education.

In return, the Volvo Group gets the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with people and groups with diverse views, experiences and expertise, and to learn from them. By working together, we find ways to move society forward.