Safety first on Brazil’s roads

In the late 1980s Brazil’s roads were extremely dangerous. Each year there were many thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of serious injuries, and awareness of traffic safety issues such as drunk driving and use of seatbelts was low. As a major employer and producer of vehicles in Brazil, the Volvo Group decided that action was needed.

The Volvo Traffic Safety Programme set up in 1987 has become the longest-running traffic safety campaign ever in Brazil. Its goal was to promote awareness of the problem, and find ways to improve it.

The programme has worked with raising awareness in Brazilian society of the need for stricter traffic legislation, and conducted campaigns to raise awareness of issues such as drunk driving, use of safety belts, and child safety in cars.

Volvo Traffic Safety program in Brazil
Other elements of the programme are: the Volvo Traffic Safety Award, to encourage new ideas to improve road safety; the Volvo Traffic Safety Forum, a high-level national forum for discussing safety issues, and a similar body at the regional level; the TransForm program, a professional driver development training; and the Transitando project, which is an educational programme targeted at schoolchildren.