About us

Volvo Group Venture Capital is a corporate investment company making venture capital and growth equity investments.  Our mission is to drive new business growth and our ambition is to be a leading corporate investor in sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Our value proposition to the companies we invest in, other investors as well as to our Volvo colleagues, is to accelerate growth.

Our experience from investing dates back to the early eighties when Volvo was engaged in the set-up of several venture funds.  Since 1997, we have operated our investment business as a separate company which over the years has proven to create value for Volvo as well as for partners who invest alongside us.

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in companies wanting to accelerate their growth in close partnership with a world leading vehicle manufacturer.  Through our years of investing, we have cracked the code on making these partnerships profitable and successful for all parties.  The depth to which we understand the transport industry combined with a global brand and customer access provide unique value to the right partner.