Volvo Group organization

Volvo Group business structure

The Volvo Group’s various operations are organized to deliver the greatest possible focus on customers and their needs, and to exploit and harness the Group’s far-reaching and shared resources in the best possible way.

Truck operations account for almost two-thirds of the Group’s total turnover and are organized such that

  • all sales and marketing activities are gathered in Volvo Group Trucks Sales
  • all production is grouped separately in Volvo Group Trucks Operations
  • all product development is gathered together in Volvo Group Trucks Technology

In this way the Group harnesses the full potential of its various brands while creating a clearer profile in its various customer segments.

In addition to truck operations there are other business areas:
  • Construction Equipment - Manufactures a number of different types of equipment for construction applications and related industries.
  • Buses - City and intercity buses, coaches and chassis.
  • Volvo Penta -  Market leader in marine and industrial engines
  • Governmental Sales - Sales to government agencies and organizations.
  • Volvo Financial Services- Delivers competitive financial solutions to Volvo Group customers.

The Volvo Group appreciates the value of sound corporate governance as a fundamental base in achieving a trusting relation with shareholders and other key parties. Corporate Governance