In the Volvo Group quality equals customer satisfaction. From the way we design, test and build our products to the way we interact with our customers, our dealers and each other, we strive at all times for excellent quality. We insist that true quality calls for more than technical perfection. It requires products and services that are both flawless and perfectly suited to the needs and tasks of our customers.

Our goal is to exceed their expectations
With a customer focus based on everyone's commitment and participation, combined with a process culture, our aim is to be number one in customer satisfaction. This is based on a culture in which all employees are responsive and aware of what must be accomplished to be the best business partner.

Quality management

Daily quality management is decentralized, and handled in our product development processes in manufacturing and in the market and sales organizations.

Key terms are total quality and participation by everyone, through dialogues and clear objectives. Knowledge of the customers' business is essential for the right internal product and service requirements.

Quality management systems
Quality management systems, certified according to ISO 9001, are used to define and control responsibilities and follow-up procedures. Today most of the employees in the Volvo Group work in an ISO 9001-certified unit.

The Quality Committee
The Quality Committee, is the advising body for Group quality-related decisions. The Committee consists of the quality managers from all business areas and truck divisions.