Family & Friends Tour

Upcoming Ambassador-led tours for employee family & friends:

Thursday, Sept. 21 | 10AM & 5PM

Thursday, Dec. 14 | 10AM & 5PM

Tour Registration

Complete the following form at least 1 week prior to scheduled tour date. 

*Must be 12 years and older

Please follow all guidlines to ensure a safe visit.

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Guidelines for Employees

  1. Inform your supervisor (request ETO/casual/time-off if the visit is during your working time)
  2. Before the visit, register guests in our Site’s ivisitor security system
  3. Make sure guests are 12 or older
  4. Keep group size to 6 people or less
  5. Inform guests to wear close-toed shoes with no/minimal heel
  6. Meet guests in the administration building lobby (all safety attire is available in the Safety room off the lobby)
  7. Issue safety glasses and safety vests to all guests who will enter the plant
  8. Inform guests about the industrial environment (vehicle traffic) and the need to be attentive
  9. Stay on green aisle ways (if intending to step off green aisle ways, issue safety shoes to your guests upon arrival).
  10. Use pedestrian doors
  11. Make sure your guests enjoy a safe and informative visit
  12. Return all safety attire to the Safety room