Mizue Mori

What is your current position in the Volvo Group?
I am a vehicle analyst at Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics Engineering department. Vehicle analysts build complete vehicle models in computer and simulate truck durability, ride comfort, and other features which are needed for truck evaluation.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
I wanted to work on heavy machines such as air planes, trucks, busses. Volvo Group have some heavy industry sectors and that perfectly matched what I wanted to do. Besides, I wanted to meet people from different cultures and work with them and that also would be brought in Volvo Group.

How has your career been this far?
I joined Volvo Group in 2009. During the first year, I worked on design engineering and then I was appointed a vehicle analyst because my major at university was mechanical vibration simulation.

Do you get any professional or personal coaching from the Volvo Group?
Yes, I have a lot of people around me, who give me advice. Those people are not only from Japan, but also from other countries. Advice from diverse backgrounds and diverse cultures are very helpful to solve problems. That is “diversity” which is one of the most important things in Volvo Group.

Have you been involved in any global projects in the Volvo Group?
Yes, all my works involves engineers in the world. I discuss with my colleagues in Sweden, France and India everyday on the telephone, by emails and sometimes at live meetings. Sometimes we misunderstand each other because of cultural differences or communication difficulty. But in those cases, we can discuss again and again and that gives better understandings. We can develop ourselves together.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer to a friend, what would you put forward?
First, we can work globally in Volvo Group and that brings us a lot of benefits. If you have a global network, you can solve the problems quickly and efficiently. Second, we have various kinds of job opportunities in Volvo Group. You can apply for a position in very different field from what you have experienced at other side of the earth. Third, Volvo Group provides us a lot of useful trainings. You can take trainings which are very good for your career, business skills and personal development.
Mizue Mori
Name: Mizue Mori
Organization: Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Position: Vehicle analyst
Location: Ageo, Japan

How would you describe your, so far, best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
I had a chance of short term assignment in Sweden. That experience was amazing in my life. I could discuss projects with my colleagues directly and I could learn how different the people there think, work and live. Volvo Group gives us opportunities to work abroad such as short term assignment (approx. 3 months), expatriation (approx. 2 years) or business trips. I would like to apply for expatriation next.

What do you do when off work?
I like watching movies. Otherwise I spend relaxing time with my family.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I want to be a technology specialist. In Volvo Group, there are engineers who are appointed global technology specialists, and those specialists support engineers in all over the world. I want to be one of those. Luckily, I work with one of technology specialists quite often and I can learn a lot from him. I am working on my daily tasks, in believing that I will be one of them in the future.