Per Eriksson

What is your current position in the Volvo Group?
I have several assignments at the moment, but the main task is as a Platform Geometrical Architect within Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Group Trucks Technology. I perform virtual verification and make sure that we are following the platform strategy of complete powertrain installations for the Volvo Heavy Duty Platform.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
I have always been interested in commercial vehicle development and during my earlier assignment as a consultant I have had the opportunity to work with Volvo Group. Then when my manager at Volvo told me that there was an opening as a Platform Geometrical Architect I did not hesitate to apply for that job.
To be part of Volvo and contribute in developing one of the best products on the market is really inspiring.

How has your career been this far?
When I first started working at Volvo Group I was part of smaller projects and since then I have been working both with short time assignments and in large global projects. I have also had the opportunity to be deputy group manager at Systems Integration & Geometrical Architecture, where I am located as a Platform Architect.

Do you get any professional or personal coaching from the Volvo Group?
There is an internal mentorship program within Volvo and I and my manager have had a conversation regarding this. On the other hand I do have a very good network within the complete Volvo Group organization I feel that I always have someone to discuss my career and future with.

Have you been involved in any global projects in the Volvo Group?
Since I am working with the platform strategy and commonality for the complete heavy duty engine platform, almost all of my projects are global. This is really interesting since in my day to day work I am communicating with people all over the world, from Japan in the east to my colleagues in Americas in the west. One of the biggest challenges is to take care of the multicultural benefits that we have within the complete organization.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer to a friend, what would you put forward?
Within Volvo Group there are lot of competence within all technology areas and many good coworkers. You will be able to contribute on all levels, both social and professional. Within Volvo you are appreciated for your work and social skills.
Per Eriksson
Name: Per Eriksson
Organization: Powertrain Engineering, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Position: Platform Geometrical Architect
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

How would you describe your, so far, best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
One of my best experiences was when I was a demo driver for the launch of our new truck range and met a lot of customers for a test drive. It was rewarding to meet the end customer and see the satisfaction in his/her eyes when they took place in the driver seat and took off in the new truck that we have worked with for several years. That was definitely one of the most satisfying moments in my career at Volvo, so far.

What do you do when off work?
I have two children at home and try to spend as much time as possible with them. We are spending lot of our time outdoors especially on the sea with our boat.  I also enjoy all kinds of physical activities and try to keep myself in shape with some trail-running and floor ball.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
My goal is to work with people and personal development in the future. I believe in Volvo and our products but we will never be able to put state of the art products to the market without devoted and competent employees.  That is something I would like to be part of!