Erika Martínez Carabantes

What is your current position at Volvo?
My current position is Risk Manager; I am responsible for Credit, Collections, Legal Collections and the Remarketing Department. I really enjoy my position because I am in contact with customers during the whole financing term; at the beginning visiting current and potential customers with the Sales Team, then supervising credit analysis, later designing collection strategies and finally if something goes wrong, I am responsible for suggesting and executing the best solution to terminate and recover an account.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
Well, after 14 years, I consider myself very lucky for being part of an incredible company with prestige and world-wide recognition. The Volvo Group has given me the opportunity to increase my expertise and with this improve my professional career.

How has career with the Volvo Group been this far?
I am proud to have been part of Mexico’s Starting of Operations team; I joined the Volvo Group in 1999 as a Credit Analyst and after four years of receiving training in Mexico and in a short-term assignment in Brazil, I was appointed Credit Manager.
2008 was a great year for my professional development because I received two big opportunities. I became head of the Collections Team and also was included in a short-term assignment with the VFS Internal Control Team. Working with them, I visited different Volvo Financial Services (VFS) offices around the world (Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Poland and Germany) and reviewed Collections, Floor Plan, Reserves and Write-Off processes. This short assignment gave me a lot of experience and knowledge. It helped me to develop the Risk Mitigation Plan during the economic crisis period and after the plan’s implementation, the Mexico office was very successful in controlling overdue and inventory levels. We also improved in financing good credits, which are visible in our portfolio.

Since 2009, I am the Risk Manager; this position allows me to combine Credit and Collections knowledge and as a Credit Committee Member make the best business decisions.
Erika Martinez
Name: Erika Martínez Carabantes
Organization: Volvo Financial Services
Position: Risk Manager
Location: Mexico

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
The Volvo Group is a great company to work for. The Volvo Group culture is clear and employees share its values. In every single office, you can find people with a lot of experience maximizing performance and also ready to help you.  The Volvo Group is always giving opportunities; you only need to be ready for them. Maximum effort is always rewarded within the Volvo Group.

Could you please describe your best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group.
Short-term assignments have been a great experience to get to know incredible leaders running offices and to evaluate new ways to do same things. After every travel, I returned grateful and ready to implement what I learned.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I am looking forward to working in other markets to implement my expertise and also acquire more experience. I would be glad to be part of a “Starting Operations Team” in a new market for VFS.