Human Resources, recruiting

Human Resources

In Human Resources at the Volvo Group you will work with people, helping them develop and grow in the organization, wherever their careers may take them.

Working with people
People are the primary engine in our company. They make it possible to achieve our long-term goal – to be successful as a global company with a strong presence around the world.

At Human Resources you will work with taking the global strategy and business plans for the organization and translating it into a human resources strategy that will help and guide the employees.

Individual and organizational development
The human resources strategies involve performance management, learning and development, rewards, compensation, career development and good management. The career developments can for example be leadership, project management or a specialist career .

This also involves all the opportunities for international assignments that our employees get. Both they, and the company, benefit from the experience they get when working deep in other cultures and having colleagues based in countries all around the globe.

Human Resources offers challenging and broad career development across the Group, around the world.

Jobs in Sweden, US, France, China, Japan, UK, India and Poland:
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