Satoshi Takeuchi

What is your current position at Volvo?
I am working in the talent management and competence development for Japan Sales. Our organization has about 4,000 employees with more than 100 retail workshops in Japan. Since our organization was reorganized last year and the change is still on-going, my main task is to support the change from the perspective of people and their development. I have been trying to determine new competence development framework, training programs and solutions that are necessary to support to change.

In my current daily job, I meet with people at each business line to get their point of view for the ideal career path and competence development, and I also work as a liaison between each business line and outside vendors to arrange training programs.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
When I joined the company, UD Trucks Corporation was not integrated in the Volvo Group yet, The reason why I decided to join was that I was very attracted by the way the company was producing and delivering commercial vehicles on the Japanese market. After UD Trucks was integrated in the Volvo Group, I have been enjoying working in a global environment with many colleagues from different countries.

How has career with the Volvo Group been this far?
Early in my career, I worked as a HR generalist at Nissan Diesel and was in charge of labor relations, international assignment management and recruitment. In the Volvo Group, I have developed and deepened my career and competences as HR specialist.  In my current job as HR Specialist in talent management and competency development, I can feel that I am maximizing the opportunity of my own development, using the past generalist experience in a challenging new task. 

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
The Volvo Group has about 100,000 employees in many countries, and our organization is truly global,  We are working with colleagues in many countries on a daily basis, and all of them are cooperative and supportive, as everyone work based on the Volvo Way. We also have internal job posting system, VRO, where all vacant positions is posted. That will help you to see and design your career opportunities more by yourself. This system is totally new for Japanese company and we can see more about internal career opportunity.

Could you please describe your best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
When UD Trucks started to be integrated with the Volvo Group in 2007, I was assigned to the HR integration team, where  my responsibility was to support new people in the transfer, including inbound expatriates from Volvo, since it was a a great change to incorporate different nationalities and cultures for UD Trucks.

Satoshi Takeuchi
Name: Satoshi Takeuchi
Organization: Japan Sales, Volvo Group Trucks Sales and Marketing and JVs.
Position: Manager, Talent Management & Competence Development.
Location: Kiba, Tokyo, Japan.

Among other things, I established a support package for inbound expatriates together with my colleagues. It was very good experience. I also got great pleasure from the feeling that people appreciated our work and from hearing that their work effectiveness was raised. I felt that I had done something and could contribute to the company.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I am sure Human resources is very challenging career, I would like to broaden my knowledge and develop competences as a HR expert in the future. In the coming years, I’d like to develop my competencies in talent management and competence development, and as a Specialist in the People Development area.  I like to meet people, support them, and see the them change for the better – knowing I contributed to the development.