Josef Schiöler

What is your current position at Volvo and what do you do in your daily job?
My position is called Global account manager for Volvo Group Trucks Technology.  In my daily job, I work a lot with the relations with people in Volvo Group Trucks Technology who have a need for IT services and solutions. I also work a lot with other functions in Volvo IT. I manage a functional team of some 10 account managers and other supporting roles globally and I am organizing a Customer Team, which is a virtual team with members from all Volvo IT functions. The customer team has the objective to make sure the Volvo Group Trucks Technology agenda is understood in all parts of Volvo IT and that we prepare and supply the needed IT services and solutions at expected quality, time and cost.

Why did you choose Volvo Group as an employer?
From the start, I actually got a job at Volvo more by chance. I was looking for a “summer internship” and had the luck to be offered a position. This was later on converted to a project employment and after some years with my own consultant company, I got an offer from Volvo to get regular employment, which I then accepted.

How has the career with the Volvo Group been this far?
I started in a small Volvo company, VTEC, which was focusing on advanced research and development, and also hosted a lot of the Volvo Group’s common functions. I was in a department responsible for standardization in the Volvo Group (at that time also including Volvo Cars). I had several different positions in VTEC, including working with IT, Information, as a group manager, among other things. I was located in Sweden, although work was carried out together with all Volvo companies, so there was some travel and interaction with other countries like France and USA.

After VTEC, I transferred to a company called Volvo 3P, which was responsible for the truck development for the different truck brands in the Volvo Group. I was in charge of standardization and worked a lot with the colleagues at my previous department. I had a functional team consisting of people from Sweden, Brazil, US, France, India and – now and then – Australia. After some years, this also included Japan, when UD Trucks became a member of the Volvo Group. I also worked as acting process manager for the Global Development Process, which is the process the Volvo Group uses for development of products. In this position, I was leading a key technology committee for methods development, where participants from all Volvo companies participated. I have also worked in the Process & IT area, where I had a position as Process & IT Order office manager with the responsibility to plan and prepare a project portfolio, including driving the budget process and planning and preparation processes for Process & IT projects.

This led me to have frequent cooperation with Volvo IT and from September 2011, I took on the role as global account manager for my former company Volvo 3P, which was from Jan 1st 2012 merged into the newly formed Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
There are heaps of opportunities to grow and to change positions, both between different Volvo Companies, but also with the possibilities to get global experiences. Making a career does not necessarily mean that you need to become a line manager; there are different career paths that are equally interesting, like specialist careers,and so forth. With the global position Volvo has, and the ambitions for the future, this is and will be a really interesting place to work!

Josef Schiöler
Name: Josef Schiöler
Organization: Volvo IT Customer Relations & Sales
Position: Global Account Manager for Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Location: Göteborg 

Could you please describe your best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group?
The people in Volvo are fantastic and I very much enjoy to work with the different people and cultures within the Group! With the acquisitions of other companies the last 10-15 years, I have also encountered a lot of new company and country cultures and as much as this is from time to time a challenge, it is also very rewarding for your own learning and development.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
As I am a humble person my goal is to make a contribution to mankind. But, seriously speaking, I truly believe the Volvo Group is a company that is in a great position to make a change – you only need to look at the ambitious strategy for the coming years to understand that. I hope to be part of making that strategy come true. Hopefully, my future at Volvo will also include one or several jobs in other countries and other Volvo companies. Why not Asia or maybe Africa which is also an extremely interesting continent for the years to come?