The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and drive systems for marine and industrial applications.

Teamwork and quality
The work in our production facilities is characterized by teamwork and a commitment to quality. As a co-worker in production you can, for instance, work with assembly of our different vehicles, engines and transmissions. As we are consistently keeping up with the latest technology in our vehicles and drivelines, we also use the latest technology in our daily work. Virtual simulation of the manufacturing process and use of robotics are only some examples.

Global networks
For us, good teamwork is essential within the manufacturing sites where employees have the possibility to take part in various global projects to improve our production, benchmark our work internally and cooperate with other sites.
The Volvo Production System (VPS), is our guiding light to excellence as it gives us the opportunity to bring forward good solutions, big and small, to make our work even more efficient.  And most important – everyone can contribute.

Environmental care
The Volvo Group’s ambition is to make all its plants carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral.  We are proud of the fact that we have several CO2 neutral plants where recycling of energy also has been implemented. For example, our truck plant in Ghent, Belgium was the first plant in the world that was completely CO2 neutral and our cab plant in Umeå, Sweden has followed suit.

Jobs in Sweden, US, France, China, Japan, UK, India and Poland: