International Graduate Programme

Volvo Group International Graduate Programme

Without the products and services of the Volvo Group there can be no modern society as we know it.  Our trucks, buses, engines and construction equipment are involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day. No matter how far you want your future career to take you, starting out at a company with a broad range of operations all over the world is always a first-class ticket. Working within the Volvo Group means more than 120,000 friends and colleagues in more than 190 countries. Together we provide societies around the world with efficient and safe transport solutions.

The next Volvo Group International Graduate Programme starts in September, 2013.

Build the career of your dreams
The Volvo Group International Graduate Programme gives you the opportunity to work with many different facets within a world-leading global company. During the programme, you will establish a worldwide network of colleagues within the organisation. This means many possibilities for you to build the career of your dreams. We are looking for potential leaders with the right qualifications and attitude and with a strong will to develop. Are you one of them?

An eventful year
The programme runs for 12 months – probably one of the most eventful years in your career. We promise you hard work, plenty of knowledge, as well as lots of challenges.

Your workdays will, among other things, be filled with project missions at your home department but also at other companies within the Volvo Group as well as a three-month short-term assignment abroad.
How to join
The recruitment process will be carried out locally in each participating country. If you are interested in applying for several countries you will have to submit your application to each country and you will also need a valid work permit for the country you apply for.  Please note that the recruitment process varies by country. The application period expired April 8, 2013 for the next programme starting in September 2013. The screening process has started and all applications will be evaluated and answered.

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Gratuate positions
There are no available positions for the moment. The positions for the next programme will be posted during the spring 2014.