Tiger (Haohu) He

What is your current graduate position at the Volvo Group? What do you do in your daily job?
Currently I am serving as an international trainee, focusing on process and IT management, supporting the execution and implementation of Volvo Group’s IT projects. The major responsibility of my role is to ensure that IT projects are delivered on time and with high quality by planning the schedule, managing the process, and communicating with various functions in the project.

Why did you choose the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme?
As a fresh graduate, VGIGP is really a great opportunity for me to gain global experience and achieve fast growth to fulfill my career objectives. So when the opportunity came, I grasped it without hesitation.

How has career with the Volvo Group been this far?
It has been really a fantastic experience. I joined Volvo last February, and working as an application developer during the whole of 2012. However, I was given many opportunities to experience a variety of assignments and roles. I worked closely with our internal business partners from Volvo Trucks, Volvo CE, Volvo Financial Services and others, and travelling to the various companies in China and overseas to work on-site. While contributing to Volvo Group’s business by working in the projects, I also gained a lot of experience and built networks with my colleagues around the world.

 If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
Culture. The Volvo culture is really attractive. The Volvo Way and Volvo Group core values were nurtured over the long and successful history of Volvo Group. These have promoted a great culture that allows employees to sharpen their minds, grow fast and enjoy working at Volvo. This benefits the employees for life.

Could you describe your best experience from being part of the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme?
Meeting so many colleagues from different countries and cultural backgrounds. By discussing, collaborating and communicating with the participants in the Graduate Programme sessions and activities, I have gained a better understanding of diversity and team work, and also built great friendships with everybody. And this will be one of my most precious treasures.

Tiger (Haohu) He
Name: Tiger (Haohu) He
Organization: Volvo IT
Position: International Trainee
Location: Tianjin, China 

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
Currently my goal is to learn more in VGIGP and my forthcoming overseas assignment. Regarding my long-term plan, I would like to become a mature and experienced IT project manager within 3-5 years, leveraging my management skills and technical expertise to contribute to Volvo Group’s business. And maybe after that I will try a variety of roles that are of interest to me, such as people management, account management or even software architecture, all so as to broaden my horizons and finally become a many-sided IT professional.

My colleagues would never have guessed that...
My colleagues would never have guessed that I was a songwriter and singer before graduation – I performed in shows, participated in contests and won awards, which was a cool experience. Nevertheless, now I am more passionate in my current job since it is really exciting and I believe I could also perform on the Volvo stage and be a star there in the near future.