Vendela Brannstrom

What is your current graduate position at Volvo Group?
My current position is in the marketing team, I have had the pleasure of moving around the business and undertaking shorter projects and assignments for various departments. Right now I am working with a team on a Commercial Vehicle Show that takes place every year in the UK, featuring everything from truck, van and trailer manufacturers to equipment and training providers. It is a major show where Volvo can really connect with the public and customers and is also able to promote healthy competition within the industry.

For this specific project I am the customer sales lead and person in charge of product information, I work for instance on coordinating the development of iPad tools for our salespersons, the aim of which is to provide and collect data for and from customers. 

Why did you choose the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme?
It was a personal decision based on previous experiences. The first time I worked for Volvo was when I was 14, delivering internal mail at a truck centre in Sollentuna. When I became older I did more summer work for Volvo commercial sales and Volvo Logistics in the UK and then a placement for Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg during my university studies. During these work experiences I was surrounded by extremely motivated people, and it was contagious. I think that’s really why I was so excited about this position, knowing that behind the brand is a really great team.

How has your career with the Volvo Group been thus far?
It’s been amazing. I’ve been part of major projects that has taken place in the UK and Sweden where I worked in departments such as Retail, Sales, Business Solutions and Homologation. This has given me a broad overview of how the various business sectors interact. At the same time I’ve also done specific courses such as project management and product training.

The great thing is that I’ve always felt very involved in the decisions made, and both my mentor and manager have always encouraged me to bring my own ideas to the table. 

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
I think that working for Volvo is very rewarding, being part of a team and a world leader in our industry. And I feel that the Volvo culture wants to include the team in how we move forward which I think must be a difficult task in such a large organisation, yet that is probably one of the reasons for Volvo’s diverse workforce. 


Vendela Brannsstrom

Name: Vendela Brannstrom
Organization: Commercial Sales Volvo Trucks UK
Position: Commercial Sales Graduate
Location: Name: Volvo Trucks UK, Warwick 

Could you please describe your best experience from being part of the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme?
So far, I think one of the experiences that I will really remember was at the start of the programme when I was sent out with our dealer development managers and we travelled around the UK visiting our dealers. I got to speak to the dealers, meet the workshop teams and customers. It was such a good experience to get a firsthand snapshot of the retail environment.

It was also wonderful meeting the other graduates from all over the world! I feel like I’ve made some really great friends. 

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I hope that I can stay within the Group and continue to develop my skills. It’s too early to say…

My colleagues would never have guessed that...
I applied to art school in France after high-school and I was dead set on that I was going to be the next great painter ;)