Volvo Group employees

Company culture – The Volvo Way

The Volvo Way lays the foundation for developing the Volvo Group into the world’s leading provider of sustainable transport solutions. It is a recipe for success in which we strongly believe. It expresses the culture, behaviors and values shared across the Volvo Group.

The Volvo Way is based on the conviction that every individual has the capability and the determination to improve our business operations, and the desire to develop professionally.

The Volvo Way is the lively dialogue between leaders, within teams, and among colleagues around the world. This is the way we conduct business and deliver results. This is how we partner with customers and suppliers, how we work and change, and how we build the future together.

Excerpts from The Volvo Way 
“Our culture is how we work together with energy, passion and respect for the individual. It is about involvement, open dialogue and feedback. It is about teamwork, diversity, and leadership. It is how we build trust, focus on customers and drive change.”

 “Passion is an intense emotion, yet this is how it feels to be deeply committed and engaged. Here we can bring our hearts and minds to work."

“We care about people. We acknowledge and appreciate each other. We treat every individual with respect."

"We are empowered. Every colleague participates in setting goals and in meeting commitments. Every individual contributes by working together with others towards common business goals."