Raphaël Barriol

What is your internship assignment?
My team is in charge of renewing and standardizing the Renault Trucks dealers network. It includes, in particular, dealership signage and global architecture. During my 6 months of internship, I have actually had two different missions. The first one was to redesign the Renault Trucks totem.
For this, I have been working with the retail development team, but I also interacted a lot with the brand management and the design department, to ensure that estheticism constraints and Renault Trucks image were in accordance with the company’s vision. I have also been in a close relationship with suppliers, in order to deal with materials, technical requirements and solutions, and so on. A first real size – six meters high – totem prototype will soon be set up I can’t wait to check it out!

My second assignment is more about architecture.  I am currently working on modeling dealerships, based on specifications I received from the client. I have to deal with dimensions building issues, convert 2D architectural plans into 3D renderings and meet the constraints of cost and feasibility – among other things.

What does a day at work look like?
The first thing I do every morning is to check my emails. It often gives me a idea of the daily priorities and how I should schedule the day, or the week.  An ordinary day at work is a mix between long-term projects and unexpected news that I have to deal with. My day is usually centered around keywords such as: Meetings with the team, conference calls with suppliers, 3D modeling, internal communication with other departments, lunch and fun with the other interns and meeting the deadlines.

Where and in what part of the organization are you doing your internship?
I’m working in Saint-Priest, Lyon (France), with the retail development team.

Why did you choose to do your internship with the Volvo Group?
When you are studying engineering, and especially industrial design, transportation is a very interesting industry. But the main reason for me to choose the Volvo Group is probably because they offered me exactly the internship I was looking for: A mix of engineering science, design and 3D modeling. I couldn’t hope for better!

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
I would put forward the jobs variety, international teams and the possibility to go abroad easily.

Could you please describe your best experience from being an intern with the Volvo Group?
My internship leader gave me a lot of autonomy and responsibilities. I particularly appreciated that he offered me the possibility to directly influence decisions. I mean, I was not just a performer; I was directly in contact with the different people involved into the projects. So I can say that my integration with the team went very well. I’m not sure that it would have been like this elsewhere.

Raphaël Barriol
Name: Raphaël Barriol
School/university: University of Technology Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) Ergonomy, Design and Mechanical Engineering department
Major: Frédéric Méjean
Internship host organization: Retail development
Location: Saint-Priest, Lyon, France 

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I’m glad to have experienced an internship with an international group such as the Volvo Group. Now, I have my own opinion about what a career in a large group looks like. After 6 months here with the Volvo Group, I have a clear idea of what I want and I have clarified my professional project: I feel very attracted and stimulated by working on project launches, in particular in the field of product design. I guess I’m looking for a company that frequently renews its range of products, because working on something completely new is very exciting to me!

I also realized that I definitely want to work in an international group, probably abroad. I am going to do all I can to reach this objective.