Thesis work in Sweden

When working on your thesis we can offer you the opportunity to develop in stimulating collaboration with our employees. You are given the chance to immerse yourself in a topic that interests you and from which the company can also benefit.

For us this is a great possibility to meet and work with qualified and enthusiastic students in key subject areas.  For you as a student, the cooperation gives valuable experience and the opportunity to prepare yourself for your future career.

If you would like to write your thesis on a company within the Volvo Group in Sweden,
You can search and apply for our advertised thesis work here.

We also want you to visit our website, "About us", and learn more about our different Business Areas and Business Units. This will help you to determine at which company you would prefer to carry out your thesis.
Note that since 1999 Volvo Car Corporation is owned by another company and is no longer a part of Volvo Group.

Once you've decided which company and area you wish to write your thesis at, please apply to any potential ad of interest to you. Please ensure that your request is sent in in good time. An answer can take up to approximately two months.

The thesis can be conducted at the Volvo Company on site and/or at the collage/university. This is an agreement between the supervisor and student.

An agreement between the Volvo Company and the student must be drawn up and signed before the formal commencement of work.

Volvo Group will pay a fee in accordance with the market value for a completed thesis which is approved by both the university/college and the company.

Final Report
When the final report is complete, two copies should be sent to the Volvo supervisor.