Academic Partner Program

Joining forces to meet the future

Many of the challenges that society faces today can’t be solved by a single person, group or company. That’s why we believe in joining forces with the academic world. We also think that partnership means more than simply funding; it’s about opening up, sharing ideas and talking about long-term strategies. This belief is at the heart of the Academic Partner Program.

Trust and cooperation
In the Academic Partner Program we share ideas and knowledge as well as discuss the necessary strategies for the future in a rare form of close cooperation. Consequently it is a partnership of trust, where we seek long term partners for
mutually beneficial projects and other forms of cooperation. At this point we have signed agreements with a select few universities, but we hope to expand the number of partners in the future.

Plans for the future
So far the Academic Partner Program exclusively involves universities. We have appointed Preferred Research Partners and Preferred Talent Partners – whose students receive special attention. Our Preferred Talent Partners are located in the USA, China, France and Sweden. Further down the road we also intend to include supplementary training providers, who will become our Preferred Educational Providers.