Using games for development

Serious gaming - using games for development

Games are not merely entertaining, they can also be used to understand and communicate serious issues, for example a production process or a company profile. In fact, gaming has the potential to become the most powerful tool in future e-learning.

Successful first step
Some initial serious gaming trials have already been carried out by Volvo Group in cooperation with several other partners (see below). In a game called Serious Leap 90 players from around the world got to plan a bicycle factory according to lean principles. The players had three minutes to study the flow of the production and could then do changes, which changed the efficiency and flow. The project was hugely successful and also quite popular.

Future applications
Future applications of games can include everything from teaching production processes, company structure, production improvements or situational training such as emergency handling.
Games have great pedagogical impact and they can also be used to connect people within the company, for example by sharing solutions that lead to high scores.

Consequences and actions
Among the many benefits of serious gaming comes the aspect of understanding complex consequences down the line. One such aspect might be how changes in for example logistics affect the sensitivity of the production.

Partners and sponsors of Serious Leap
The partners in the Serious Leap development project included Volvo IT, Volvo Technology, Ludosity Interactive, Gothia Science Park Project Arena, University of Skövde, Skaraborg Hospital, IDC, Innovatum and Grönlunds Plåt AB, with part-funding from the Association of Municipalities in Skaraborg province, the West Götaland Regional Authority and the Municipality of Skövde.