A revolutionary propulsion system

Volvo Penta IPS, short for Inboard Performance System, truly revolutionized boating when it was launched in January 2005. It made boats faster, more powerful, quieter, cleaner - and just as easy to handle as a car.

IPS was the biggest innovation to be announced by the company since 1959, and the team of engineers behind the propulsion system received the 18th Volvo Technology Award.

Forward-facing propellers
In simple terms, the propellers in the new system face the direction of travel of the boat. IPS uses pulling and counter rotating propellers, with the drive through the hull rather than the stern.

As a result, the boat's performance is greatly superior to that of a craft with a conventional drive.

Undisturbed water
Although forward-facing propellers are a perfectly logical propulsion option, no manufacturer has ever used the concept in a leisure craft. Mounted at the front of the drive unit, the propellers work in undisturbed water at maximum efficiency.

The prop flow is completely parallel to the keel and all of the power is used for forward propulsion.

Volvo Technology Award 2005

Pioneering fly-by-wire

The IPS steering system made Volvo Penta the first manufacturer in the world to offer its end customers fly-by-wire technology, ahead even of the automotive industry.

Award winners at Volvo Penta and Volvo Powertrain:

  • Jukka Tuuliainen
  • Oddbjörn Hallensvedt
  • Benny Hedlund
  • Kåre Jonsson
  • Staffan Månsson
  • Lennart Arvidsson