Volvo Group at WIREC 2008 - President George W Bush, Leif Johansson, CEO Volvo Group, Maud Olofsson, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Jan-Eric Sundgren, SVP, Volvo Group

WIREC 2008

The Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC), arranged by the US State Department,  took place in Washington Convention Centre on March 4-8, 2008. Official website.

"The climate issue is global and one for which the transportation industry has a special responsibility. By participating in WIREC, we gain the opportunity to show the American public that the Volvo Group is not just part of the problem, but also a part of the solution", says Leif Johansson, CEO Volvo Group

Great success at WIREC
The Volvo Group's CO2-neutral trucks were a big hit at WIREC in the USA. One of many interested visitors was US President George Bush.

"Five years ago those trucks would not have been available for people at this exhibit to look at. Today they're on the road. As a matter of fact, the United States Air Force is using these kinds of trucks," he said when he was shown around the Volvo Group's stand.
US President George Bush was very interested in the Volvo Group's efforts in reducing environmental impact. He very much wanted to visit Volvo's stand and look at the trucks. In his speech at the conference, he also pointed out the significance of using alternative fuels.

"Amazing joint venture with Mack and Volvo on these giant trucks that are using bio diesel to power them," he said. Read more

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Renewable fuels
A conversion to renewable fuels is more urgent than ever before. Three crucial factors are:

• Climate change
Increased energy demand
Decline in finite resources