Corporate Climate Summit 2012

Corporate Climate Summit 2012 with Olof Persson, Volvo Group CEO and Ral Lou Leonard, WWF

The seminar “Corporate Climate Summit 2012” was held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami, USA, on May 18, 2012. The seminar was cosponsored with the World Wildlife Fund as part of its Climate Savers program. 

Volvo CEO Olof Persson gave the keynote presentation about Volvo’s work to improve the efficiency of its products and its commitment under the Climate Savers program.  This was followed by several panels with examples of other corporate initiatives and solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  From Volvo, Patrick Collingnon spoke about changes in corporate culture to support emission reduction efforts and Susan Alt outlined options for reducing supply chain emissions.

Local officials from the greater Miami area participated in the seminar.  Miami-Dade Deputy Mayor Jack Osterholt and Jim Murley, Executive Director of the South Florida Regional Planning Council participated in the Megacities seminar, sharing their current efforts to improve the sustainability of the region. Nichole Hefty from the Miami-Dade County Office of Sustainability shared their experiences as part of a panel on Adaptation and Local Planning in the face of growing threats from climate change.  

Local officials expressed appreciation for Volvo’s leadership in organizing the seminars and have claimed that these events made positive contributions to the regional debate on these important and challenging issues.

Olof Persson, Volvo Group, Ralph Reid, Sprint, Lou Leonard, WWF, Gunnar Bengtsson, Volvo Group

Ralph Reid - Sprint, Olof Persson - Volvo Group, Ral Lou Leonard - WWF, Gunnar Bengtsson - Volvo Group

Olof Persson, CEO Volvo Group
Olof Persson, CEO Volvo Group