'Teknikdelegationen' - Swedish Technology Delegation

Sparking interest in technology

Sweden, together with the rest of Western Europe and much of the industrialised world, faces the problem of increasing dependence on technology and science – but a declining interest in these subjects among young people. The problem is amplified by the fact that many of today’s engineers, technicians and researchers will soon be approaching retirement.

Being a technology based organization, it is in the interest of the Volvo Group that as many young people as possible pursue education and training in these fields so that we and our customers have continued access to the necessary skills in the future.

The Swedish government has recognized this issue and commissioned the Teknikdelegationen (the Swedish Technology Delegation) to identify the nation’s needs, but also to propose solutions. The delegation, which is chaired by Volvo Group’s CEO, Olof Persson, will promote interest in mathematics, science, engineering, and ICT (information and communication technology) among young people, and particularly among girls and young women.