Mind that truck!

In the United States, about three quarters of all traffic fatalities involving trucks are unintentionally caused by a car driver. One of the reasons is that most car drivers are not taught how to drive safely around large trucks.

The Share the Road campaign opens motorists’ eyes to issues like trucks’ blind spots, safe following distances and the stopping distance for a fully-loaded tractor-trailer. By doing so Share the Road helps change driving habits and makes America’s roads safer.

Within the campaign, which is an initiative of the American Trucking Association, truck drivers give life-saving tips to the public through events, TV and radio appearances, and information on the web and in print. Mack Trucks Inc, which is part of the Volvo Group, has been a proud sponsor of the Share the Road campaign for nine years.

Over the 20 years since the campaign started, the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks has declined by ten per cent, while the number of trucks on the roads has increased by more than fifty per cent.
Share the Road: educating motorists on safety around heavy-duty vehicles

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