Universeum - promoting traffic safety among young road users


Children have a built-in appreciation of science and thrive on the excitement that comes with the discovery of the natural world. Universeum, Scandinavia’s biggest science centre, located in central Gothenburg, caters to this sense of wonder, introducing children to the mysteries of outer space, live sharks and moray eels, and even an indoor rainforest.

One of the Volvo Group’s main corporate sponsorship activities is as principle partner to Universeum, where we are involved in an exhibition on traffic safety.
At the Crash, Boom, Bang exhibition within the Explora section of Universeum, children and families can test their reaction time in a braking simulator, measure their weight in an impact, and put their traffic knowledge to the test. The exciting exhibition provides answers to questions like why we don’t wear helmets in a car, and why airbags aren’t mounted on the bumpers of vehicles.

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