Other entities

Other entities

Volvo Group Venture Capital
Volvo Group Venture Capital is Volvo Group’s investment company. We facilitate partnerships not only across industries but also with new entrants who are, or have the potential, to become key partners in driving service orientation and product differentiation.

Volvo Group Real Estate  is the Group’s property management unit and it focuses on optimising the value of the Volvo Group’s real estate and on contributing to the company’s growth. Its operations include both property management and workplace service. Volvo Group Real Estate is headed by Magnus Koch.

Volvo Group Treasury is the Volvo Group’s internal bank and it coordinates the Group’s global financial strategy and its economic infrastructure. Treasury is also responsible for handling all interest-earning assets and debts as well as foreign exchange activities. Volvo Group Treasuryis headed by Ulf Niklasson.

Volvo Event Management
Sport and culture have been the focus of the Volvo Group’s  sponsorship since the 1970s. Read more about our sponsorships

Alviva AB, owned by AB Volvo, is a company involved in providing services within the field of occupational health care. Our customers come from a very wide market segment – organisations from within the industrial as well as the public sector purchase services from Alviva.

WirelessCar provides manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles with complete and competitive telematics offers to end-customers in more than 50 countries. Based in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Sweden and the US. WirelessCar serves customers such as Audi, Nissan, Volvo Cars and Qoros.

Volvo Merchandise 
Volvo Merchandise Corporation is the partner for official Volvo Merchandise. Volvo Merchandise is a wholly-owned company within the Volvo Group that design, source and distribute merchandise to all Volvo’s different regions. Volvo Merchandise webshop