Luca, assistant technical support engineer

How did you wind up at Volvo?
I’m Italian and I came to Belgium for personal reasons. I was looking for a job in Gent and Volvo is one of the best known international companies in Gent. Thanks to some Belgians I met in Gent I was informed about an interim office offering jobs at Volvo Group Customer Solutions. I already knew Volvo as a high quality company. I lived in India for a year and there Volvo was synonym for high quality busses, people spoke very positive about it.

Why did you choose Customer Solutions? What was appealing?
The job and organization attracted me because of the multicultural atmosphere and the fact that I would be able to speak and maintain my Italian, Spanish and English on a daily basis.

Describe your job and responsibilities:
As a technical support engineer in the Southern Team I support Volvo Bus and Volvo Truck workshops from Southern Europe. This means that when a customer brings his truck or bus to the workshop for a (un)planned check-up and the mechanics of the workshop encounter a technical problem, they contact me and I help them solving their problem in a quick and lean way. It can be a problem about replacing a part or mounting extra parts but also about the electronics of the vehicle.

It is very valuable if you have a technical background for this job and for certain positions within Customer Solutions a necessity. In my case I was able to compensate the lack a technical background with knowledge of at least 3 languages, logical reasoning, a problem-solving attitude and a good customer orientation. 

Luca Customer Solutions 

How do you experience working in a service environment?
I like it! I feel like I’m really helping the people in the workshop and in this way also contribute to making the customer happy. It’s nice to get positive feedback after solving a problem but it is also important to be able to handle negative feedback for instance when a problem could not be not solved within the expected time limit. 

The fact that I daily speak Italian, Spanish and English and hear many more languages in my working environment also adds value, both on a professional as on a personal level.

Why would you recommend people to come and work for Volvo?
For me Volvo is a good employer as Volvo rewards its employees in a correct way and also cares about its employees. There is a yearly survey where employees are asked to share their opinion. In my experience the team managers are very accessible and we are stimulated to give ideas and get involved so as to improve our own job but also the company’s results.    

What are Volvo’s main strengths?
Working for a global and big company offers a broad perspective and different career possibilities. You can change jobs while still working for the same company. It also makes me proud to work for a company that offers high quality products and services and is a big and important player in the truck, bus, construction and industrial engine markets.