The Ballarina Stunt wins gold

The Ballerina Stunt reached more than 162 million people. It was featured on 75 000 news sites and blogs in 225 countries. The advertising campaign surrounding the new Volvo FH has won two Epica Awards.

The Ballerina Stunt was actually only a teaser to create interest for the launch of the new Volvo truck.

After a live broadcast from six cities around Europe, a digital magazine with several films and interactive modules was released on all platforms. 
We also turned the magazine into a site on eBay where Volvo auctioned the very first truck. It was the first time anyone used eBay for a complete launch site. The auction had 170 000 visitors and the truck was sold for way over the market price. 

All in all, the launch campaign led to earned media value of 29 million Euro.
It reached way beyond the target audience, and in the end the trade press wrote more than ever about the Volvo FH launch.

For more information contact: Annie Vonck, tel. +32 2 4825385, e-mail annie.vonck@volvo.com

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