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The new Volvo FMX truck was launched at the Bauma 2013 trade fair in Munich yesterday, setting a new standard when it comes to robustness, handling and driver comfort. With its launch, Volvo Trucks breaks new ground in the construction segment.

The new FMX, Volvo Trucks' specialised truck designed for heavy construction duties, was launched yesterday at the Bauma 2013 fair. The truck boasts an array of updates including a totally redesigned cab interior, new air suspension system, raised ground-clearance and Volvo Dynamic Steering - a world-first innovation designed to improve manoeuvrability. All in all, the new FMX represents a huge step forward in all the most important areas within its segment; explained Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, during the FMX's unveiling: "We have improved every detail of the truck - large and small - which are vital for ensuring the truck's robustness and handling."

Volvo Trucks' sets a new standard for the construction segment
Seven new Volvo FMXs are on display at the Bauma 2013 fair, where an estimated 570,000 visitors are expected. The launch of the new model is set to further strengthen Volvo Trucks' offer in the heavy construction segment, which was established in 2010 with the introduction of the first FMX model at the Bauma fair that year. With the new truck, Volvo Trucks will set a new benchmark for the segment.
"It is probably the best and toughest construction truck in the world," said Claes Nilsson, Volvo Trucks' President at the Bauma Fair.

See the full press conference and the reveal on Volvo Trucks YouTube channel, where also a summary video with interviews is available.

Read more about the new Volvo FMX at Volvo Trucks Newsroom. 

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