World arm wrestling champion presents new clothing collection from Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has created a new clothing collection inspired by the company's latest truck model for heavy construction duties - the Volvo FMX. The collection is a part of a newly launched partnership between Volvo Trucks and ninefold arm wrestling world champion Heidi Andersson.

"Our new clothing collection is inspired by our new Volvo FMX - one of the world's

toughest construction trucks, boasting strength, endurance and technical expertise of absolute world class. These are properties that Heidi Andersson also personifies," says Åsa Theleen, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager for Merchandise at Volvo Trucks.

Premiere at Comtrans in Moscow

The new collection, the so called "Volvo Trucks Driver Gear - FMX", is being launched in the Volvo Trucks web shop on September 9 and will be unveiled for the very first time at the Comtrans truck show in Moscow on September 9-14, which Heidi Andersson will be attending. The Volvo FMX will also be on display at the show. It was introduced earlier this year and is designed for heavy construction duties.

Training tips from Heidi Andersson

As part of the cooperative venture, Heidi Andersson has also developed a training programme together with Volvo Trucks.

"Truck drivers represent our most important customer group and we know that many of them have difficulty making time and space for physical exercise. That's why we are now working with Heidi to highlight a few simple training tips that can be used in an everyday setting by anyone, explains Åsa Theleen.

 "Heidi Andersson personifies properties such as strength, endurance and technical expertise of absolute world class - properties that also characterise our trucks. What is more, she sets a great example when it comes to physical exercise," says Åsa Theleen, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager for Merchandise at Vol

YouTube link to Heidi Andersson's training tips http://youtu.be/aJQMCtEEF5s

September 9, 2013

Facts about Heidi Andersson

Heidi Andersson

Ninefold world arm wrestling champion

Age: 33.

Born in: The village of Ensamheten, Sweden.

Weight/height: 65 kg/170 cm.

Merits: Nine world championship gold medals, five world championship silver medals and three world championship bronze medals. Two European championship golds.

Facts about arm wrestling

The first organised competitions were held in 1952 in California. The first world championship was held in 1992 and it has since developed into an annual event. In the competition, two contestants place their elbows on a table and grasp each other's hand. The first person to push his or her opponent's hand down onto the table wins. Contestants participate in various weight classes. Women compete against women, men against men

Link to the web shop www.store.volvotrucks.com/fmx  

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: In arm wrestling, it is vital to have a strong upper body. Swinging heavy ropes strengthens the trunk, that is to say the abdomen and back. image/pjpeg 281,2 KB
: Ninefold world arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson shows how to improve endurance by flipping over a tractor tyre image/pjpeg 293,2 KB
Heidi Andersson started arm wrestling when she was eleven years old, in a barn on her parent’s farm in the village of Ensamheten in Sweden. To date she has won the world arm wrestling championships nine times. image/pjpeg 240,4 KB
Heidi Andersson’s brother, Torbjörn Andersson, is at his sister’s side during the filming. Torbjörn Andersson also competes in arm wrestling and has won several international championships. image/pjpeg 218,4 KB
Heidi rubs her hands in chalk to get the best possible grip on her training apparatus. Picture from filming of the training tip programmes that Volvo Trucks produced together with Heidi Andersson. image/pjpeg 217 KB
In arm wrestling the focus is not only on being strong. It is at least equally important to have good technique and to use the entire weight of your body to beat your opponent. image/pjpeg 209,7 KB
Ninefold world arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson shows how to increase arm and upper body strength by using scaffolding as a monkey bar. image/pjpeg 206 KB
The New Volvo FMX image/pjpeg 387,4 KB
Volvo Trucks has developed a training programme together with nine-fold world arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson. The training tips cover power, endurance, technique and torque. image/pjpeg 381,3 KB
Åsa Theleen, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager for Merchandise at Volvo Trucks. image/pjpeg 273,6 KB

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