Efficient transport - A key objective for EU Infrastructure Investment

by Volvo Group Representation EU

At the occasion of the European Transport Forum held on 16 October in Brussels, Olof Persson pointed out the need for a comprehensive and an efficient EU transport infrastructure investment.

The 2012 edition of the European Transport Forum discussed the importance of EU infrastructure investment with two panel debates: a first one which outlined the role transport infrastructure plays in reviving economic growth; and a second panel which reflected on how infrastructure investment can help relieving congestion and fill in the missing links in the European transport system.  President and CEO Olof Persson recommended a transport infrastructure funding that should be based upon efficient transport.

It is important to consolidate efforts and assure that Member States, cities etc learn from each other. The Volvo Group, as a global transport solutions provider, has a good knowledge of infrastructure solutions and innovations around the world and we’ll be happy to share our experiences” added Persson.

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