The Volvo Group shares its view on how to reach a competitive industrial production

by Volvo Group Representation EU

On 16 October, CECE and CEMA, the European associations representing the construction and agricultural equipment industries, organised their 2013 Summit in the European Parliament (Brussels). Among the keynote speakers, Olof Persson, President and CEO of the Volvo Group, presented three trends that are key towards a competitive industrial production for Europe

For the Volvo Group, the escalating consideration of environmental concerns, the proximity between production and design, Research and Development could really support the future of the manufacturing industry in Europe.

The CECE (The Committee for European Construction Equipment) acknowledged that Europe's ability to create and maintain a competitive framework for industrial production and innovation in the years to come will be decisive for future economic success: While some EU Member States have been successful in improving the competitive landscape for their  industry in recent years, the overall performance in  the EU has been rather weak. In the coming years, a number of crucial challenges  therefore need to be overcome to ensure industry  can play its role as a viable engine of long-term  growth in Europe, CECE believes. 

 “In a competition perspective, it is important that the established laws are also monitored and controlled and violating them will entail significant risks. It is clear that the internal EU market will only operate efficiently when rules put up are respected.” Olof Persson added.

The CECE-CEMA summit was attended by more than 300 participants; industry representatives, EU policy makers and partners of the industry

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