Mario in Belgium

How did you get in contact with Volvo?
I found a flyer of Volvo Europa Truck in my mailbox and decided to seize the opportunity. I went through the selection procedure and within two weeks, I could start at Volvo.

Why did you choose for Volvo? What attracted you the most?
Volvo is a big company which has a good name. This is a totally different industry than the one in my previous job and that's what attracted me.

Give a short description of your function, tasks and responsibilities
I practise a function called kitting and sequence. Every truck that is built in the factory gets a number and also the different parts receive numbers. I have to make sure that the right parts arrive at the right truck, this is called sequencing. I also make packages with parts that belong together ('kitting'), this lightens the work of those who have to put the different parts in the truck. I like this job because it's not just manual work. You have to use your head. This job is also very varied. We have a rotating system which offers you the opportunity to do something else, every day.

Why would you recommend others to apply for your job?
We have a very pleasant atmosphere here. When you work in a team, a real team spirit starts to grow. You're never working alone and you can organise your work flexibly.

What are Volvo's strong points?
For me it's very important that Volvo offers you career opportunities.