June in China

1. How did you come to join the Volvo Group?
I looked for a job on the website: 51job and Zhaopin.com during that period. There was one day I saw a job posting from Volvo Group China.  VFS China was looking for an assistant to the President. I was unaware of what Volvo Group really does at the time apart from Volvo Car. Therefore, I did a little search on Volvo website. At the end, I came to the decision that to give it a try to apply for the job. After 2 round interviews, I joined Volvo successfully.

2. Tell us about you current role and its main responsibilities.
My current role is Marketing & Communications Specialist in VFS China. This role's main responsibilities are as following:

  • Manage Internal/External Communications: publishing weekly internal e-newsletters; designing and developing corporate brochure, products leaflets and merchandise; control and ensure the usage of company Visual Identity on all marketing materials and merchandise; arrange media reviews for the top management
  • In charge of Web Communication: lead to launch Volvo Financial Services China website, the only VFS website in Asia; being responsible for maintaining the contents on a regular basis
  • Events/Activities:  plan, prepare and organize all kinds of events such as  Dealers conference, VCE Dealers Signing Ceremony, VFS China Sales Meeting, VCE Dealer Credit Manager Training; coordinate with ATOGC to participate Trucks Road Show
  • Sales report consolidation & analysis

3. Have you had other roles and assignments in the Group? What would you like to do in the future in the Group?
Currently, I represent VFS China at Volvo Group China Brand Council. In the future, I would like to continue working on both marketing and communication areas within the Group.

4. How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? ( i.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group ?)
The culture of Volvo Group is very unique. Equal, trust, team spirit, passion and respect to each other, are the most appreciated Volvo attributes to me.  And these traits are rooted in every Volvo people's hearts, especially in Sweden. People in the office are so passionate to telling us everything about Volvo. I can feel how loyalty Volvo employees and how proud people are toward the Company. This is something that I don't see in other companies. And I hope those valuable things will not disappear.  

5. Why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group company?

  • Volvo Group is a good corporate citizen: Volvo Group Company has done a lot of great works in this area. In China particularly, the group sponsored Hope School, Bo'ao Asia Economics forum, Golf and support Earthquake relief program, etc. It showed people that how Volvo Group cares about the societies as well as the people live in the society. I think people will desire to work for such company because such company will care about its employees.
  • Volvo Culture & Values: people always look for a perfect match with oneself's values and the company's. I think Volvo Group company's values are highly appreciated by many people.
  • Volvo cares about employees' personal development:  people always look for opportunities to develop oneself within the company, and Volvo provides the opportunities for people to review/discuss their development plans with their immediate managers twice a year. Volvo treats its people as its valuable asset.
  • Concern about employees' health and benefits: from employees' perspective, they always concern about this issue. For Volvo Group, it cares about employee's health and benefits. The company tries its best to support the employees to participate sports games, do exercises and health check, etc.