Tonyah in US

1. How did you come to join the Volvo Group?
I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro, NC in 1995 and started working for Volvo Trucks as a temporary employee in July. I was unaware of the Volvo Group until then. I was hired permanently in September of 1995.      

2. Tell us about your current role and its main responsibilities.
As Manager, Marketing Communications my job is to develop, execute and evaluate strategic marketing communications, advertising and promotional plans to build the Volvo Trucks brand in order to drive dealer and company profitability.  The main responsibilities of this role include the following:

• Initiating and utilizing competitive analysis and market research to develop effective communications plans, materials and promotional strategies.
• Executing communication strategies, programs, materials and activities for truck products and related services.
• Executing brand positioning strategies, ensuring that marketing objectives are satisfied; providing copy direction and photography supervision for the national advertising campaign, promotional efforts and collateral development.
• Providing strategic direction for the advertising media plan (print, radio, online.  Develop new and efficient ways to broaden the customer base and take advantage of new media opportunities when appropriate.
3. Have you had other roles and assignments in the Group? What would you like to do in the future in the Group?
I represent North America on the Volvo Trucks Brand Management Council. The Council's main task is to coordinate, discuss and decide on operative brand issues based on Volvo Group's brand strategies and policies. I engage with colleagues across the borders of North America who share their branding experiences and knowledge.  

I also had the opportunity participate in Volvo Trucks Executive Shadowing Program and shadowed the President and CEO of Volvo Trucks North America for a week. It was so exciting and gave me a better perspective of the Volvo Group. This is one of my most memorable and favorite Volvo experiences.   

I have been fortunate to have had many positions within the Volvo Group. I have worked in various positions including Procurement, Sales Development and Dealer Development. These positions have given me first hand knowledge of different areas of the Volvo Group.
I've also expanded my network within Volvo through involvement in the Employee Activities Committee, the Professional Women's and Multicultural Professional Networks. I look forward to new opportunities to within the Volvo Group, including global assignments.

4. How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? ( i.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group ?) 
The culture within the Volvo Group that I appreciate most is our innovation. I think it's a prerequisite for success. The Volvo Group supports behavior that leads to more innovative ideas and approaches. I am encouraged to speak up, share ideas and to innovate and to lead.

5. Why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group company?
There are so many advantages afforded by working with in the Volvo Group. We're a global company with a strong reputation. I think the opportunity to change positions in the same company promotes career development and professional and personal growth.  You define how far you want to go, if you're willing to take on new challenges.