Eric in China

Everyone Contributes to and Benefits from Workplace Safe.

Even before joining the Volvo Group, I am impressed with one of its three core values-Safety. Three months experience with the Group tells me that Safety is not just a core value to provide safe commercial transport solutions for its customers but also a commitment to provide safe and healthy work environment for its people.

Everyone in the Volvo Group is an inseparable part of the work environment and somehow contributes to and benefits from it. As an employee, identifying concerns and unsafe acts or conditions, or/and developing prevention actions and solutions for near misses is a kind of contribution, for example, to shut the drawer timely, to clean the spilled water immediately, not to place stuff on the tall cabinets, etc. Workplace safety is not just a cold phrase in the policy book but part of our daily work and life.

Workplace Safety Success…It’s up to everyone!
"Workplace safety success is up to me to create safe work environment in the Volvo Group."

Eric Yu
Human Resources Manager
Volvo Group China
Eric in China