Mathilde François

What is your internship assignment?
My assignment is to assess and compare the effectiveness and acceptability of two driver assistance system interfaces. 

The driving task involves continuous cognitive resources (perception, attention, workload…). I apply the scientific knowledge of cognitive sciences in conception process to encourage a safe and comfortable driving.

What does a day at work look like?
A typical day begins by reading mails. Then, I read scientific papers; I prepare clinic tests or go to meetings on related projects. I often discuss with my tutors to tell them about the project's progress. We also talk about other team projects to enrich my experience. The lunch time is also very pleasant with exchanges with colleagues at the company restaurant.

Where and in what part of the organization are you doing your internship?
I am doing my internship in the Group Trucks Technology in Saint Priest, near Lyon. My work team is "Driver interface" in the "Feature Verification Validation Lyon" part.

Why did you choose to do your internship with the Volvo Group?
I choose to do my internship within the Volvo Group because I am interested in studied topics.  Transport solutions is a topical subject, and driving is a very interesting activity from the point of view of cognitive sciences. In the interfaces with the driver, there are many things on which we can apply the human factors knowledge for a user friendly conception. I also liked the image of the company; it is a renowned company with an international dimension. In addition, it is known to participate actively in the training of students.
Mathilde François
Name: Mathilde François  
School/university: University Lumière yon II
Major: Master's degree in Cognitive Sciences
Location: Lyon, France 

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
I would put forward the team spirit and the esteem of employees. In Lyon, the work environment is very pleasant. The offices are surrounded by green spaces, and many things are done for the comfort of employees. Exchanges between teams are appreciable and provide multi-disciplinary knowledge.

Could you please describe your best experience from being an intern with the Volvo Group?
I prepared a project with my colleagues on my internship theme. During the conception phase, they gave me responsibilities and autonomy while guiding me. During the experimentation phase, being in contact with drivers and applying theoretical knowledge was really motivating.